“Christine, I am extremely pleased with the opportunity to provide this letter of recommendation for anyone in need of your services and expertise.

“Over the past several years, WellBridge and Nexcare operations have been afforded the opportunity to work with Christine Bartel and her entire staff. This team has added a level of client wellness and satisfaction approval ratings that is outstanding. If you are unaware, of our operations, we are operators of nearly 30 skilled nursing, rehab and assisted living facilities in the lower Michigan market area. We enjoy and maintain the highest 5 Star rating in the entire State of Michigan (4.5 stars) relative to like and similar companies in Michigan. We generate an enormous number of admission and discharges each month and consider Ms. Bartel’s operations an extension of our own following discharge from our operations. It is important to us that outstanding client satisfaction is maintained at all times. Also, we monitor for the absolute minimum amount of required readmissions to the hospital to assure that safety and convenience are foremost in the patients’ welfare. Christine’s team has helped in reducing costs and providing economies and efficiencies that we, otherwise, would not be able to experience. Her expertise is in building programs aimed at clients who appreciate positive processes to advance client welfare and satisfaction.

“We are appreciative of the vast degree of knowledge that is brought to the table in a highly collaborative manner. Routine meetings, technology, data information sharing and consistent feedback has been excellent. The ability to listen and to provide solutions to various issues and problems presented has been necessary and helpful. This professional performance has enhanced our own operations and has led to further positive client satisfaction and success.

“We highly endorse and encourage anyone who is looking to work with an engaging and success oriented post-acute care process that you utilize Christine and her team of experts.

“Should you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.”

Frank Wronski, President
WellBridge Group
Nexcare Health Systems